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About Us

The objectives of the OIHA are:

1. To introduce and promote the Icelandic Horse breed in Ontario. (Note: membership in the OIHA is not limited to residents of Ontario. Anyone who is interested can join the Association.)

2. To organise and promote events such as shows, demonstrations, instruction clinics, group trail rides and social activities for Association members, for fun and educational purposes.

3. To promote the interests and well-being of the Icelandic Horse and the OIHA, in ways that are agreeable to the membership.

4. To provide advisory assistance to Icelandic Horse enthusiasts, riders, owners and breeders.

5. To regularly inform our members of Association news and upcoming events/activities, through our Quarterly Newsletter and other means of communication.

Click here to view our constitution.

OIHA Board of Directors for 2016-17

Sydney Horas – President

Maureen LeBoldus-Couvrette – Vice President

Susan Bunge- Secretary

Ian McDiarmid – Treasurer

Pamela MacMasters – Director at Large

Benefits available to OIHA members:

* Quarterly Newsletter (with Contributions from Members)
* Members-only Login Area on OIHA Website
* Approved Sponsorships for Youth Rider Education 1/2 price clinic (1 youth per year, one time only)
* Free Clinic Auditing for Youth Members
* Annual Association Summer Picnic
* Annual General Meeting
* Organised Group Rides and Activities
* Assistance and Advice from Fellow Members and Directors
* OIHA Clothing Available for Purchase


Email us at OIHA.Central@gmail.com